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Load Only - movers load your car(s), vehicle(s), trailer(s) or rented truck(s).

Unload Only - movers unload your car(s), vehicle(s) trailer(s) or rented truck(s) and place items as directed.

Pack Only - packers come to the home or business and expertly wrap and pack and all items; boxes are labeled to ensure they arrive to the correct location.

Unpack Only - packers unpack and put away items as directed.

Load/Unload - movers load your car(s), vehicle(s), trailer(s) or rented truck(s) at one location. Then unload them for you at your new location.

Full Move - This is a complete move. Packers will come in to wrap and pack your belongings, and movers will load them. Then we will go to your new location and unload and unpack your belonging, placing them were directed.

Cleaning - Cleaners come into give your house or business a complete cleaning, from top to bottom, after your belongings are moved out.

Full Move + Cleaning - This is a package giving you the complete services afford in our "Full Move" and Cleaning" packages.

Piano Moving - Complete, safe and secure piano moving, including all types of pianos, harpsichords, and other keyboard instruments.This includes the building of a crate for your Baby Grand and Grand pianos.

Custom Moves - movers can move one item of choice to be transported elsewhere or move large pieces from room to room as requested.

moving specials

Military - a 10% discount offered to customers in the armed forces or law inforcement.

Referral Program - This is our newest discount offered. If a previous customer gives you our information, and you use our company to handle your move, you will receive a 10% discount. **We have to be able to comfirm that you were referred to us by the previous customer.**

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Deanna says...

I am trying to call your office and your prompts go round and round without connecting with anyone. Very frustrating.

I am looking to see what you charge and availability for unloading a truck for Saturday, Oct 28th around 4 p.m. It shouldn't take longer than an 1 1/2 hours.

Greg Small says...

Looking for a quote for moving a new treadmill in La Pine from Garage up a flight of stairs to 2nd story. Treadmill is new so there is no console or rails. One doorway corner into the stairwell and one at the top of stairs 15 or 17 stairs. Treadmill will have to be on it's side otherwise too wide. I am also available to help. Thanks


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